Euruko 2008 - Day Two (sunday)

08 Jun 2008 – Warsaw

Sunday started pretty funny actually (wasn’t so funny back then) – we forgot about daylight saving one-hour switch and after finally getting up we’ve realized that we don’t have over 90 minutes until my talk, but only half an hour. We rushed into the Charles University with me leading, as getting late on one’s first conference talk ever is definitely a bad idea. I managed to get on time, mostly thanks to my predecessor stretching his talk a bit and coffee break. After some fighting with xrandr (thanks Karel!) I was ready to go. Well, at least technically.

11.30: Tomasz Stachewicz – “Sharing the load”. It’s not a good idea to write about my own talk. Let’s just say it went well I think, put some light onto OpenWFEru (which I wanted to do the most) and showed that BackgrounDrb isn’t the only way to go.

After doing some lunch break (and first beer that day) we were back at Euruko, to listen to some more talks.

14.30: Tim Becker – “Lessons Learned Writing Native Extensions”. A good one. Not a lot of jokes, but very decent from technical standpoint and definitely worth the time. Could start from some higher level (as in “higher than explaining C types”), but for some this revision of basics was very refreshing and it’s always better to start explaining from too low than from too high level. Tim Becker is on my Ruby radar – I think he’s going to write some good stuff.

15.00: Matt Ford – “Aspect Oriented Programming in Ruby”. I always wanted to learn a bit about AOP in Ruby and this walk was just what I needed. Enough said :)

After some more lightning talks we had to rush to train station. I’ve just managed to tell Karel and Peter that it was a perfect conference (exactly – perfect: I wouldn’t like to improve anything) and we’d like to organize Euruko 2009 or 2010 in Poland, in Krakow to be precise.